Caroline and the Magic Potion (2015) Movie Review

The best joke I can make is that this movie actually exists.

Caroline And The Magic Potion is a certain type of bad movie. Some make you laugh unintentionally, others disappoint, and then some draw you in for the wrong reasons. This one is special. For you see, this one actually made me angry.

I hated this movie. Hated every single moment of it. The writing, animation, direction, editing, soundtrack, voice acting, you name it. There is nothing worthwhile here. I all got for sitting affront of my laptop watching this filth for 90 minutes was pure cinematic torture.


Let’s talk about the animation. It’s very poor. Aside from a decent understanding of movement, there not much I can save from this. Character models are way too simplistic for me to find visually appealing. Borderline on being grotesque. Backgrounds are plain. The worst thing about the animation is the frame-rate. Characters move so inconsistently to the point of being immersion breaking. Not that I was immersed at any point, but still.

What’s even worse than the visuals is the writing. Where to begin? I HATED all of the characters in this movie. They range from painfully dull to downright infuriating to watch. I’ve seen all of the archetypes of these characters in much better movies. The slugs in particular were rage-inducing. Aside from being a complete waste of screen-time, they are a poor man’s minions done ten times worse. Just dreadful.

It doesn’t help that the voice acting is completely one-note. All of them act on this one tone of emotion throughout the entire movie and it never changes. Downright laughable at some points. The worst offender has to be the voice performance for the grandmother. Imagine if Rosie the Robot Maid from The Jetsons try to purse a career in voice acting. It just as monotone and lifeless as one can expect. Just to add a cherry on top, the lip syncing is also terrible. Mouths still moving even after the line has been delivered. It like no one ever tried to make it fit.


Out of all that I said, the worst thing about Caroline And The Magic Potion makes little sense. The plot itself seems reasonably easy to follow enough, but the way it’s presented is a different story. Concepts are introduced out of thin air. I have no clear idea on how magic in this world work because it’s nothing is established! But of course it’s magic! And it don’t need no rules am I right? Character motivations and relationship are barely focus so the audience can understand why there are suppose to care in the first place.

There is inconsistency in how certain settings seemed to work. For example, the factory that functions as the main point of destination for the titular lead. At first, it seems that there are no security cameras throughout any point in the facility. Which is arguably dumb, but too offensive. What is offensive is when cameras show up randomly when it convenient for the plot. It sounds like a small detail, but those small details start to add up after a while. The entire movie just falls apart early on before it gets to the finish line.

I don’t what else I could add. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. There is nothing worth suggesting unless you need a new method of torture for the people you hate the most.


Just abysmal.

Grade: F is too much of a generous grade for this trash heap. This review should speak for itself.


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